Renewable Energy Systems

Booster Cable
2 Gauge
2 Gauge Jumper Cables
STC202C20' jumper cable, 2ga
STC252C25' jumper cable, 2ga
STC302C30' jumper cable, 2ga
STC352C35' jumper cable, 2ga
Jumper Cable
Arctic Ultra Flex Blue is the premier "Arctic Grade" battery cable that is rated and proven to work in the extreme temperature ranges of -55C to -105C. This revolutionary wire combines fine copper construction with a jacket material designed to be resistant to the abuses of oil, gasoline, sunlight, salt water, acids and chemicals.
Booster Cable Assemblies
STC20220' booster cable, 2ga
STC202ET20' booster cable, with polarity indicator, 2ga
STC25225' booster cable, 2ga
STC252ET25' booster cable with polarity indicator, 2ga
STC30230' booster cable, 2ga
STC302ET30' booster cable with polarity indicator, 2ga
STC35235' booster cable, 2ga
STC352ET35' booster cable with polarity indicator, 2ga
Booster Cable
(1) Booster cable with or without polarity indicator (1) 5' Vehicle harness, (1) dust cover and mounting hardware
 Booster Cable
2 Gauge
  Replacement Parts Features
  STC901: Polarity indicator Booster Cable:  
  • Twin 2ga Arctic Ultraflex Blue battery cable
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate connector housing available with or without solid-state LED lighted polarity indicator
  • 800amp, shock proof clamp handles
  STC902-2: Connector assembly     
  STC905:  Protective cap w/cable     
  STC906-2:  Contact 2ga     
  STC907:  Top post stud and nut     
  STC910:  Side post stud assembly     
  STC912:  Brass Stud Vehicle Harness: 
  • 2ga color coded, Arctic Ultraflex Blue battery cable; impact resistant polycarbonate connector housing
  • Protective dust cover
  STC916:  Hardware Kit     
  STC919: 800awg Clamp     
  STC918R:  Red handle cover     
  STC918B:  Black handle cover      
  STC818N: 5' Vehicle harness 2ga      
  STC822-20 Booster cable, 20' 2ga      
  STC822-20ET:  Booster cable, 20' 2ga with polarity indicator      
  STC822-25: Booster cable, 25' 2ga      
  STC822-25ET Booster cable, 25' 2ga with polarity indicator      
  STC822-30:  Booster cable, 30' 2ga      
  STC822-30ET:  Booster cable, 30' 2ga with polarity indicator      
  STC822-35:  Booster cable, 35' 2ga      
  STC822-35ET: Booster cable, 35' 2ga with polarity indicator      
  STC901  STC902-2  STC905  STC906-2 
  $10.75   $9.30   $4.85   $2.85   
  Polarity Indicator  Connector Assembly  Protective Cap  Contact 2 Gauge 
  STC907  STC910  STC912 
  $.55   $2.030   $4.00  
  Top Post Stud  Side Post Stud  Brass Stud 
  STC822-20, STC822-20ET, STC822-25, STC822-25ET,  STC818N 
  STC822-30, STC822-30ET, STC822-35, STC822-35ET  $53.10  
Arctic Ultra Flex Blue
  Vehicle Harness


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30% of your total system cost may be eligible for federal tax credit!
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